Open Burning

If you are burning within Logan County Colorado please report your burn to Sterling Emergency Communications Center at 970-522-3512.
If open burning is needed, residents need to know that a state "Open Burning" permit is required. 
The following are highlights from the two attached Colorado Public Health Bulletins on the state regulations for “Open Burning”. 

Who needs an Open Burning Permit? Anyone performing an open burn in Colorado 
What happens if I burn without a permit? 
Air Quality Control Commission Regulation 9 provides guidelines for open burning. Burning without a permit or burning of prohibited materials can lead to a sizable civil penalty of up to $10,000 per day. (per C.R.S 25-7-123) 
How do I apply for a state open burning permit and what does it cost? Complete a state open burning permit application and submit it by email, fax, or mail. There is no charge to obtain a state open burning permit. 
The application can be found online at: Or by calling the Division at: (303) 692-3268 Completed applications can be emailed to:  
Also Note: Before you burn - Check with your local fire department regarding fire safety and municipal rules. 
Make sure the fire is out COLD before sundown. Contact the Air Pollution Control Division Questions? – (303) 692-3268 /cdphe/openburn